Langkau ke kandungan utama


Tunjukkan catatan dari Mac, 2020

Final semester as UiTMians!

Hello guys, it already 2020 and it will be my final semester at UiTM Shah Alam!  So i was told myself ‘to keep writing my blog for the final  semester’ i will put my effort for blogging, hoping it wouldn’t be ‘angan angan semata’  So i have finished my internship journey! And i was back to Shah Alam, it’s already two days here. I didn’t have any lecture sessions yet, I’m just went to my faculty yesterday to submit my assignment and meet my girls. So I’m just updated these as i was read to others blog, it’s inspiring me to update my blog too! Just wanna say hello to my readers! See you soon.  (Getting ready for my first class this afternoon! Bismillah) Buttermilk spaghetti with my girls!