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November never say goodbyes

 Hello guys! It was last day of November 2020, then December which is the last month for 2020! Hoping this last month will create a better memories to us.  I had a wishlist for my new year, that is I want to have a planner because 2021 will be a new phase of my life and I want to became a systematic person :) I hope my new year will be more clear if I plan well on my planner, it is right? I think, by having a planner will make us become more energized to start our day, as will have plan what we want to achieve for each day.  So I has surveyed a few social medias like instagram, pinterest and shopee that sell planner for 2021. Oh em jii, I has found too many planners with variety of designs that make me blank to choose which one is suit with my personality and the most important is suit with my POCKET!  Gonna update soon on my planner that I will buy! Stay tuned guys, if uolls has any suggestion u can leave a comment too :D Have a nice day! If I has a good handwritten I will customize m

Eco Shop Mini Haul

Assalamualaiikum!  Jadi hari ni cikrikaa nak berbahasa 'melayu rojak' lah pulak, baru syok nak bercerita! Hari ni cikrikaa singgah ke kedai puaka! Seram tak? Takde lah, hari ni cikrikaa pergi kedai eco shop, parents cikrikaa cakap 'kedai hantu' sebab masuk je situ terus tak sedarkan diri. Ye lah, kononnya nak beli penyapu je sekali sampai rumah bukan setakat penyapu tapi sekali dengan tong sampah mop lantai pinggan mangkuk  yang mengikut balik. Tak ke berpuaka macam tu? Hahahahhahhaaa. Takdi cikrikaa kononnya 'hmm takde nak beli apa pun ni'. Boleh percaya ke ni? Betul la orang kata, perancangan tak semestinya apa yang dilakukan. Ceewahhhhh ayat berbelit! Tak mau cakap banyak, meh cikrikaa belanja gambar hasil tangkapan hari ni.  . . . Tudiaaa berapa barang? Daripada cakap takde nak beli apa pun, sekali sepuluh barang mengikut balik rumah oi! Memang berpuaka campur behantu betoi la kedai eco ni, seram tak seram. Ni kalau umi tak pesan 'jangan lama sangat'


 Hello guys! So today I has go to clinic and saw a doctor to find out why red spots grow around my body. Actually it started appearing two weeks ago but I don't care because I thought it was just a normal itching or getting bitten by a mosquito. After all the spots are not too itchy, it is only itchy for a while. Then I noticed it getting spread to my neck and face! Oh my god, FACE! I just worried if I get infected with measles or chicken pox, which is for sure it will leave SCARS if I didn't follow the taboo! T.T I has meet the doctor and he said these red spots are not dangerous, just normal allergies due to unpredictable weather conditions. Then he gave me some medicines which needs to be swallowed and rubbed. (Goodbye money) Let's pray for me, I hope it gonna leave me soon and without leaving any scars! The red spots look like this picture, so scary!

November my month!

 Hello guys! (Eventho nobody read this, but it's okay :D) On my last post i've promised to keep update my blog right? HAHAHAHAHAHAAA it's just a dream! Well people just know how to promise but the action is nothing.  So, my degree life is over! I has finished my three year study in UiTM (Hmmm last one was odl tsk tsk tskk) Nothing to update due to the online learning, I just need to wake up then on my laptop then connect to the google meet (off cam + off voice) that all for my last semester. And it totatlly worse semester to me, even my result for that semester also drop, i felt so down with the result and it also drop my CGPA T.T!! But it's okay, I still be grateful because I can grade on time with a quite good CGPA (some of my batchmates need to repeat paper).  So what I doing now? I just relaxing (eat-sleep-internet) at home. During this current health issues and economy issues it's not easy for a fresh graduate like me to get a job based on my qualification. May