Langkau ke kandungan utama


 Hello guys!

So today I has go to clinic and saw a doctor to find out why red spots grow around my body. Actually it started appearing two weeks ago but I don't care because I thought it was just a normal itching or getting bitten by a mosquito. After all the spots are not too itchy, it is only itchy for a while.

Then I noticed it getting spread to my neck and face! Oh my god, FACE! I just worried if I get infected with measles or chicken pox, which is for sure it will leave SCARS if I didn't follow the taboo! T.T

I has meet the doctor and he said these red spots are not dangerous, just normal allergies due to unpredictable weather conditions. Then he gave me some medicines which needs to be swallowed and rubbed. (Goodbye money)

Let's pray for me, I hope it gonna leave me soon and without leaving any scars!

The red spots look like this picture, so scary!


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